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Malay A. Upadhyay

Malay A. Upadhyay

Malay is the Chief AI Customer Experience Officer at a N. American AI SaaS firm based in Toronto, where he has trained 150+ N. American executives on the basics of AI and its successful adoption, held executive sessions for CEOs and CHROs on AI strategy & IT modernization roadmaps, and worked as the primary liaison between executive customers and the technical team, to realize AI value. He has also served as on the advisory council of customer experience programs, as a member of the European AI Alliance, an author, and an online instructor on Artificial Intelligence Management - a field that focuses on guiding business professionals to leverage & manage AI successfully and responsibly. One of his course versions can be found at

Malay was one of 25 individuals selected globally to envision the future of industries for the Board of Marzotto Group. He has also previously created a niche brand in Kolkata's hospitality sector, researched the use of renewables as a future currency in Milano, identified the best F&B exports for a S. American Trade Commission in Dubai, and helped a telehealthcare firm in Calgary launch private services in a public market. His online course on organizational growth helps elucidate how Marketing, Sales & Customer Success come together to maximize Brand Equity. It can be found at 

A Duke of Edinburgh Gold Awardee, Malay holds a B.Engg., MBA and M.Sc. in Marketing. He strongly believes in situational leadership, as it helps his teams drive results with the skills, resources and time they have in hand. At other times, he remains a fly that likes to travel, learn and blog with a lovely Mrs. Fly.

Pooja Chitnis Upadhyay

A Google Certified Digital Marketing Specialist and Rocheston Distinguished Service Provider Awardee, Pooja Chitnis is a Brand and Marketing Strategist who has helped brands from various industries - ranging from tourism, hospitality, real estate, fashion, and now technology, connect with and grow their target market by creating a credible brand image. 


Pooja was recently recognised as one of “20 Amazing Women in Tech in Canada” by CATAAlliance, a trusted industry alliance consisting of tech leaders with a mandate to help Canadian innovation thrive. She is also:


  • An Expert Advisor on #StartupChats powered by Startup Canada, a national rallying community and voice for Canada’s 3.5 million entrepreneurs. 

  • The Board Secretary of the Sara Kirke Caucus, a national initiative by leading tech leaders from across Canada, to help bring parity and diversity to the Canadian tech sector. 

  • A member of the AI Directory, a global initiative to bring AI specialists and companies together.

  • A Mentor at Skills for Change, a non-profit organization known for pioneering programs that respond to shifting immigration and workplace trends and lead to employment


Pooja holds an MBA, Post Graduation in Marketing and Operations, and a degree in International Business Management. Apart from her mainstream education, Pooja is certified in Artificial Intelligence Management, Digital Marketing, Social Media and Viral Marketing. She is also certified in Copywriting by the University of Toronto. Pooja continues to expand her knowledge and expertise by pursuing various courses and mentorship sessions with Canada’s leading and awarded CEOs.

Pooja C. Chitnis

Artificial Intelligence: 

A Guide for Leaders, Managers & Policy Makers


Most AI initiatives in organizations fail today not because of a lack of good AI solutions but because of a lack of understanding of AI among the managers - the end users, decision makers and investors in AI. Recruiters & Executives are struggling to find business professionals with a practical understanding of AI. This course is designed to teach current and future managers all that they need to know about the field, without having to code and build AI models. You will: 

  • Learn how innovators across industries are using AI & how governments are approaching it

  • Learn the major techniques of AI and their business value

  • Identify the right AI solution & learn rare managerial frameworks to lead AI journeys successfully in an organization

  • Weave the perfect AI strategy and frame policies that ensure its successful and responsible use

  • Gain competitive advantage in a hiring process or at work by being AI ready




Online Courses:


Modern Marketing Using AI


You or your company have a brand; and you are part of its brand journey at all times. Companies like Apple or individuals like Steve Jobs stand out because they focus their marketing, sales and customer success efforts to maximize the Brand Equity. They have achieved a stage of resonance that exists beyond simply acquiring and retaining customers. It is a stage where your audience starts to become your fan. A brand perspective shifts your focus from "what you do" in Marketing, Sales and Customer Success, to "what customers want" from you or your company. And in the modern day, that also needs you to master the optimal use of advanced technologies for insights and automation. This course will train you in all three functions so that you can:

  • Achieve the core objective of gaining fans by building a brand that your audience/customer loves.

  • Appreciate how digital marketing, sales and customer success work in a loop.

  • Learn how great brands maximize the effectiveness of every initiative they undertake by timing them right.

  • Gain frameworks and steps to guide you in practical execution.





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