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Malay A. Upadhyay

Malay A. Upadhyay

Malay A. Upadhyay is an expert in AI-led growth enablements. He is a Masterclass instructor for the Certified AI Transformational Leader program at the US Artificial Intelligence Institute. As the COO at SalesChoice, an award-winning AI platform-as-a-service, Malay has guided numerous businesses on their transformative AI journeys, enabling them to achieve remarkable growth objectives through sophisticated analytics tailored to their specific organizational and market dynamics.

A "Top Voice" on Linkedin in both Marketing Operations and Thought Leadership, Malay's contributions to the dual domain of AI-led growth have earned him recognition among the Most Influential Business Leaders to Watch by CEOTime Magazine and the Top 10 pioneering business leaders by Mirror Review.


He has served on the advisory board of the the Customer Experience Program at the University of Richmond and as board member of the AI Directory. He also contributed to the formulation of the European Commission's AI policy through his involvement with the 'High-Level Expert Group' in the European AI Alliance.

Malay's extensive global portfolio encompasses diverse industries such as F&B in Dubai, hospitality in India, manufacturing in Italy, energy in the US, and more recently, healthcare, telecom, high-tech, and logistics in North America. This rich background has bestowed upon him a profound understanding of the intricacies within each sector.

Malay has trained 300+ revenue managers and executives on how to get the most out of AI enablements to supercharge their growth and solve some of the most complex organizational challenges. The successes and failures he has encountered have allowed him to devise best practices and some of the first managerial frameworks around AI. They feature prominently in Malay’s ‘AI Management’ series of books, now published with one of the world’s largest tech publishers. They are also an exclusive part of his educational courses and training curriculum.

Malay’s creations continue to aid and impact organizations and professionals alike. With an astute grasp of how to strategize and operationalize the full customer acquisition and retention cycle involving Marketing, Sales and Customer Success in the modern era, he has fully automated large swaths of the sales funnel. It allows organizations to generate and nurture 10x more leads at a tiny fraction of the cost to enable growth with limited resources. Given the power of such automation and its risk to professional jobs, Malay has also created the AI Job Calculator that estimates how much of one’s job can be automated with AI at any time, allowing professionals to better plan their career trajectory.

Malay holds an MBA from Queen’s University (Canada), an MSc in Marketing Management from Bocconi University (Italy), and Bachelor of Engineering from Manipal University (India). He also remains a fly that likes to travel, blog and spend time with a lovely Mrs. Fly.

Pooja Chitnis Upadhyay

A Google Certified Digital Marketing Specialist and Rocheston Distinguished Service Provider Awardee, Pooja Chitnis is a Brand and Marketing Strategist who has helped brands from various industries - ranging from tourism, hospitality, real estate, fashion, and now technology, connect with and grow their target market by creating a credible brand image. 


Pooja was recently recognised as one of “20 Amazing Women in Tech in Canada” by CATAAlliance, a trusted industry alliance consisting of tech leaders with a mandate to help Canadian innovation thrive. She is also:


  • An Expert Advisor on #StartupChats powered by Startup Canada, a national rallying community and voice for Canada’s 3.5 million entrepreneurs. 

  • The Board Secretary of the Sara Kirke Caucus, a national initiative by leading tech leaders from across Canada, to help bring parity and diversity to the Canadian tech sector. 

  • A member of the AI Directory, a global initiative to bring AI specialists and companies together.

  • A Mentor at Skills for Change, a non-profit organization known for pioneering programs that respond to shifting immigration and workplace trends and lead to employment


Pooja holds an MBA, Post Graduation in Marketing and Operations, and a degree in International Business Management. Apart from her mainstream education, Pooja is certified in Artificial Intelligence Management, Digital Marketing, Social Media and Viral Marketing. She is also certified in Copywriting by the University of Toronto. Pooja continues to expand her knowledge and expertise by pursuing various courses and mentorship sessions with Canada’s leading and awarded CEOs.

Pooja C. Chitnis

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