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Level the playing field with your bigger competitors.

The AI BDR Hub

 Sell 2-3x more at up to 90% lower cost by adding a virtual BDR to your team.

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Intent Lead Generation

The Hub finds prospects in your ICP when they are seeking an offering like yours. 

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Lead Qualification

The Hub nurtures the leads for you across channels to qualify their interest & fit.

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Lead Nurturing

The Hub replies to their queries, records their interest level, or lets you take over!

What's in it for You?

If your prospects don't know you, they can't buy from you. And if they don't hear from you when they need you, they'll choose a competitor that's top of mind.  

Number of reach outs & their timing are both important. And you simply can't get the best of both with limited resources. That's where AI comes in.

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Save the hassle

We have done the hard work of finding the right tools that can together find & nurture leads without supervision, so you don't have to.

Save (a lot of) money

We have purchased the tools so you don't have to spend on buying new subscriptions or hiring & training more resources. 

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Save time & Do more

Our AI hub can do more prospecting than manually possible, so you and your team can focus on closing deals.

The Bottomline

Reach 25,000 more leads. Do it when they are in the market. And do it at 90% lower cost than hiring resources or purchasing tools. 

White Waves

The AI era is here. And we are experts in how to use it for growth.

Automate Your Revenue Generation

Level the playing field with your bigger competitors.

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